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Overview of Implant Replacement

Dental Implant Surgery

A dental implant surgery typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the number of implants being placed. Dr. El Deeb determines the number of visits required on a case-by-case basis, as well as the anesthesia options. The surgery itself consists of an incision to expose the bone, and then the insertion of the implant. The doctor will use sutures to conceal the bone and determine the instructions for the healing process.


The amount of time that it takes to heal varies from patient to patient, and the follow-up care will be determined on an individual basis by Dr. El Deeb. Usually, a support cap is placed on the implant to allow it to heal and for the gum tissue to grow. A follow-up visit is required to monitor the healing and the gum growth.

Depending on the schedule of appointments, an impression may be made at the time of the implant to assist in the creation of a crown. This is all determined in the follow-up appointments with some variety. When the tooth is placed on the abutment, the doctor may continue to monitor the growth of the gums to ensure proper healing.

By the time the implant is placed, usually, it has been several visits.  There are occasions that an implant is placed at the time of extraction, but this can involve some risk. When there is a risk of infection or an elderly patient, immediate placement is not recommended. In some instances, an implant cannot even be placed unless there is proper bone growth. In those cases, Dr. El Deeb will have to determine if a bone graft is necessary.