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Nerve Repositioning

Nerve repositions is a possible procedure that is taken when the main nerve in the lower lip and chin is in the way of a dental implant. This nerve is called the inferior alveolar nerve.

About Nerve Repositioning

Nerve repositioning most commonly occurs when implants are being places in the area of the back molars of the lower jaw. Repositioning the lower alveolar nerve is not usually considered first as an option for surgery – typically is only considered after several other alternatives, like blade implants.

Dr. El Deeb usually removes a portion of the side cheek to isolate and bundle the nerves. The implant is placed while the nerve is in isolation, and when the implant procedure is complete, the nerve bundle is placed back. Usually this procedure is accompanied by a bone grafting procedure to cover the access area.

Is Nerve Repositioning for Me?

In the case of nerve repositioning, this option is usually determined by Dr. El Deeb on a case-by-case basis. If a patient is in need of a dental implant in the back molars or premolars on the lower jaw, the pre-surgery will determine the necessary methods for implanting securely. Call our office to schedule your implant appointment today.