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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

What Is An Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

When a wisdom tooth erupts, many times it cannot properly erupt past the gum line because of the positioning of the current teeth. If it only partially erupts or stops underneath the gum line, this is called an impacted wisdom tooth.

Types Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

There are three types of impacted wisdom teeth. The three levels determine the difficulty of removal. Dr. El Deeb will be able to determine what level of impaction has occurred after an oral examination and consulting x-rays.

The three types of impaction are:

  • Complete bony impaction – the tooth is still in the jaw bone and has not erupted at all. This requires complex surgery to remove
  • Partial bony impaction – the tooth has partially erupted but is causing problems for the patient.
  • Soft tissue impaction – the tooth has erupted, but the gum has not properly formed a seal around the base of the tooth

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